Air International 1985-12
Fighter A to Z
The Falcon III-powered F.3 Buzzard, production of which was inhibited by priority in the Rolls-Royce engine supplies being assigned to the Bristol Fighter.
One of the examples of the Buzzard, the HS 8Fb-powered F.4, supplied to Finland.
The general arrangement drawing depicts the definitive version of the Buzzard, the HS 8Fb-powered F.4.
The uniquely-configured XP-67, only one prototype of which was completed, the second being abandoned with the termination of the contract.
The prototype F.2 which entered flight test before the F.1.
The two-bay two-seat fighter version of the Buzzard supplied to Spain in 1921 as the F.4A.
Two of the A.D.C.1 derivatives of the Buzzard supplied to Latvia in 1926
The A.D.C. Nimbus version of the Buzzard which progressed no further than the prototype stage.