Jane's All the World Aircraft 1975
02 - RPVs and Targets
US Naval Air Development Center QF-4B drone conversion of a McDonnell Douglas F-4B Phantom
US Navy BQM-34E Firebee II, launched from a Neptune control aircraft over the Atlantic Fleet Weapons Range near San Juan, Puerto Rico
Water pickup of a Firebee II. Note the inflated flotation bag at the rear of the drone
Ground launching of a Firebee I from the US Navy South Atlantic/Caribbean Sea Weapons Range at Cabras Island, Puerto Rico
US Army MQM-34D Firebee I with wingtip-mounted infra-red Towbee towed target
MQM-34D/MOD II version of the Firebee I, with General Electric J85 engine and nose Intake
Jindivik Mk 3B target drone landing on its underfuselage skid after a mission
GAF Jindivik, as projected with air cushion landing system designed by Bell Aerospace
E-Systems L450F, second prototype, in manned configuration
Prototype of the DSI/NASA Oblique Wing Remotely Piloted Research Aircraft, shown without the wing-mounted vertical stabiliser
Exploded cutaway view of the Canadair AN/USD-501, showing (at top) the forward and rear landing bag containers and flare pack, and (underneath) the centre-fuselage sensor pack and parachute recovery pack
Meteor P.1 target drone on zero-length launcher
Meteor P.1/R reconnaissance drone (110 hp Meteor Alfa 1 engine)
Meteor P.X target drone (72 hp McCulloch O-100-1 engine)
NEC-built Northrop MQM-36 Shelduck radio-controlled aerial target
Shipboard launch of a GAF Turana off the Australian coast
Motorised mockup of a lifting platform using three Marchetti Heliscopes
Dornier Do 34 Kiebitz in Argus configuration: tilted engine shown in solid black;central shaded area indicates LCT radar location
Northrop MQM-74C target drone (176 lb st WR24-7 turbojet engine)
Gufone drone portion of the Gufo reconnaissance system
Northrop VSTT training target, with towed target beneath each wingtip
Gufo system control truck, with towed launcher and Gufone drone
AEL4020 Merlin radio-controlled target drone, on rail ready for launching
AEL Falcon "mini-RPV", with tripod-mounted binoculars and radio guidance transmitter;
High-speed AEL Heron HS
AEL Small Arms Target System (SATS)
AEL4024 Heron miniature aircraft;
The swept-wing Mossette, which can simulate a wire-guided anti-tank missile
Shorts Skyspy remotely controlled surveillance and general purpose military vehicle
Launch of a prototype Beechcraft Model 1089 VSTT variable-speed training target
DSI RPA-12 Sky Eye RPV, with an externally-mounted cine camera in front of the wing
Glassfibre-bodied sailwing RPV configured by Fairchild to US Army RPAODS requirements
This RPV pneumatic launcher, developed under the US Navy's Project Lookout, carries yet another variant of the Fairchild basic sailwing vehicle
Fairchild Minipop RPV in flight
YQM-98A Compass Cope R photographed during its first flight, 17 July 1974
Teledyne Ryan YQM-98A high-altitude long-endurance strategic RPV