Air Pictorial 1986-01
World Air News
First of the French A.F.'s eleven Boeing C-135F tankers to be re-engined with CFM International CFM56-2s, 12736 "CH" is seen about to refuel a French A.F. Dassault Mirage 2000 fighter. The re-engined version is designated C-135FR
The first Westland AH.7 Lynx for the Army, which has ordered an initial batch of five, ZE376 flew at Yeovil on 7th November 1985. As well as more powerful Gem 4 engines and a.u.w. increased to 10,750 lb., the Lynx Mk.7 has improved transmission and a new composite tail rotor, operating clockwise and mounted on the port side
Converted from a Lockheed S-3A Viking to an S-3B, 159742 is one of two aircraft now being evaluated by the U S Navy. Note wingtip ESM pods and underwing missiles
The first production Westland Sea King fitted with composite main rotor blades, HC.4 ZF115 made its first flight at Yeovil on 14th November 1985. It is the twenty-eighth HC.4 for the Royal Navy Other Sea Kings are being retrofitted
One of four Canadair CL-215s supplied to Yugoslavia. The new Canadian Government order brings CL-215 sales up to 107
First of two Fokker F.27 Mk.400Ms recently supplied to the "Golden Knights", the U.S. Army's demonstration unit. Livery is gold and black
First of two new British Aerospace Super 748s for Cameroon Airlines, TJ-CCF was delivered on 30th October 1985. The second aircraft, TJ-CCG, followed on 23rd November, a week ahead of schedule. Sales of the BAe 748 total 377
Japan's first jet STOL aircraft, the National Aerospace Laboratory Asuka, JQ8501, made its first flight at Gifu on 28th October 1985. Converted from a Kawasaki C-1 (as shown in this early shot), it is powered by four 11,000-lb. s.t. FJR-710-600S turbofans