Aeroplane Monthly 1986-01
J.Stroud - Wings of Peace
Ad Astra-Aero’s Macchi M.3 CH 15 at Zurichhorn.
The photograph depicts the red and white Macchi M.3 CH 15 in an Alpine setting.
Flying-boat line-up at Ad Astra-Aero’s Zurichhorn base, probably in 1920. Left to right: Macchi M.18 CH 21, Savoia Type F (FBA) CH 18, Macchi M.9 CH 19 and Macchi M.3 CH 15.
После сражений Первой мировой войны Macchi M.3 нашли себе мирное занятие - туристические полеты с пассажирами по озерам Швейцарии.
The layout of the Macchi M.3 is well shown in this view of CH 15 at Zurichhorn.
KEITH WOODCOCK’S colour painting shows Ad Astra-Aero’s attractively painted Macchi M.3 CH 15.
The M.9bis c/n 3049 in Italy with Italian military rudder markings.
Macchi M.9bis c/n 3047, with very strange cabin windows.
This Macchi M.9bis, c/n 3049, was probably Ad Astra-Aero’s CH 19.
The privately-owned Macchi M.9bis I-BAEG.
SA Turismo Aereo Milano’s Macchi M.18 I-AABU with two two-seat passenger cockpits and aft pilot’s cockpit.
Авиакомпания "Ad Astra Aero" из Швейцарии эксплуатировала несколько летающих лодок компании "Macchi". Эта CH-23 - одна из четырех ее лодок M.18.
Ad Astra-Aero's cabin M.18 CH 23 at Zurichhorn.
This view of the M.24bis I-BBAV shows the complicated arrangement of interplane struts and engine support struts.
I-BASE, the Macchi M.24bis Fra’ Ginepro, in the markings of “Soro" Navigazione Aerea Italiana, photographed at Varese.