Aeroplane Monthly 1986-03
J.Stroud - Wings of Peace
G 31fo D-1786 Westmark at Schiphol. In the background are AB Aerotransport's G 23 SE-AAE and Luft Hansa’s Fokker F.III D-594.
The prototype G 31 with BMW VI nose engine and slimmer cowlings to the wing engines.
D-1310 H. Kohl as the G 31ho with lengthened fuselage, Pratt & Whitney Hornet nose engine with four-bladed propeller, and two BMW Hornets. Aileron area has been increased.
Loading a 5,890 lb section of tube mill into G 31 go VH-UOU at Lae.
The prototype G 31 with BMW nose engine and full-span ailerons.
An unidentified but early G 31 with Gnome-Rhone Jupiter engines. This may have been the second G 31.
The prototype Junkers G 31 in its original form with three Junkers L 5 engines: Although Germany has been released from the restrictions imposed by the Allies for but a very short time, the Junkers Works of Dessau have already completed a new machine of some 100 sq. m. (1,076 sq. ft.) wing area. The width of the fuselage is in the neighbourhood of 10 ft., and below the floor of the saloon is a large space for luggage and goods. The three engines are Junkers, developing a total of more than 1,000 h.p.
The Jupiter-powered G 31de D-1310 at Croydon. At the time of this picture it was named Deutschland.
Bulolo Gold Dredging’s G 31go Paul en route from Lae to Wau.
Olag’s G 31de A 46 Osterreich over Vienna.
The neatly laid out flight deck of the G 31, showing dual controls, etc.
Май 1928г.: трехмоторный самолет Junkers G 31 поступил в эксплуатацию в авиакомпанию "Luft Hansa". В этой компании впервые появились стюарды, разносившие в полете еду и напитки.
Cabin service was first provided by Luft Hansa in the G 31. Note the continuous baggage racks passing through the semi-bulkheads.
COMFORT IN SIZE: The latest type of Junkers aeroplane, the three-engined G.31, has been experimentally equipped with sleeping accommodation, although by a slight rearrangement the saloon can be used for ordinary day travel. One feature is that the available saloon space is sub-divided so that lounge chairs may be provided in one compartment, sleeping berths in another. The view shows the saloon, looking aft from the pilots' cockpit
Bulolo Gold Dredging's Junkers G 31go Bulolo 1 Paul. It bore the designation J 31go on its fin.