Aeroplane Monthly 1986-05
F.Bullmore - Circus Pilot (1)
One of two Cierva C.19 Mk IVPs flown by National Aviation Day Displays, often piloted by the author.
The prototype Airspeed Ferry, delivered to Cobham for the 1932 tour. Named Youth of Britain II, ’SI was joined by a second Ferry, G-ABSJ, later that year.
These three Avro Genet Major 640s gave formation flights during the years 1933-35, registered G-ACLU, G-ACOZ and G-ACPB, the red, white and blue aircraft were owned by the Scottish Motor Traction Company of Renfrew.
Cobham used two Lincocks for radio controlled aerobatic displays. Seen here is G-AALH, fitted with a 270 h.p. Armstrong Siddeley Lynx Major engine. It flew with No 1 Dis­play, doped mauve overall for the 1934 season.
A passenger's eye view from the Handley Page Clive, coming into land at Molesey on October 7, 1935.
The Handley Page Clive G-ABYX picking up passengers at Redhill in April 1935.
This yellow and silver Mongoose-powered Avro 504N was owned by National Aviation Day Displays from April 1934 until March 1936, when it was sold to L. J. Rimmer at Hooton.