Flight 1931-12
TAPER: The Monospar wing on the Fokker F.VII-3M has its tips more pointed than the standard Fokker wing. The engines are Armstrong-Siddeley "Lynx."
PUTTING THE MONOSPAR WING INTO PLACE: This photograph, taken at the Brockworth works of the Gloster Aircraft Co., Ltd., shows the Fokker F.VII-3M while the wing was being mounted. Weight was saved on the engine mountings visible in this photograph. This machine was tested in flight recently.
MONOSPAR WING ON FOKKER F.VII-3M: Front view. Note the great wing thickness in the centre (18 per cent of chord).
INTERESTING MODEL: This model, made by the Models Mfg. Co., of Newington Causeway, S.E.1, show the 1906 Wright biplane.
The Westland "Wessex" Limousine used by Mr. Harold Peake for canal survey work in the East Midlands.
AVROS FOR THE AIR MINISTRY: The first eight of a batch of Avro Lynx Tutor type 621 training biplanes supplied recently to the Air Ministry.
BERT HINKLER'S "PUSS MOTH": A standard de Havilland product, with "Gipsy" engine, except for extra tanks and certain "Hinklerisations."
THREE MINUTES LATE! Bert Hinkler's "Puss Moth" arrives at Hanworth from New York (via Jamaica, Trinidad, Brazil, Gambia, Spain and France.)
ON ENGLISH SOIL ONCE MORE: Bert Hinkler taxying in his "Puss Moth" after landing at Hanworth.
THE START: The Avro 10 (Armstrong-Siddeley "Lynx"), "Southern Sun," leaving Melbourne for England with mail on November 20. Six days later it crashed at Alor Star, and the mails - together with this and accompanying illustration - were brought on by Kingsford Smith in the "Southern Star."
THE ARRIVAL: The Southern Star, which, piloted by Air-Commodore Kingsford Smith, brought on the mails from the Southern Sun, arrives at Croydon on December 16.
A close-up of the Southern Star (top) and (below) its cargo of Xmas mail from New Zealand and Australia.
FOKKERS FOR THE ROYAL DUTCH AIR FORCE: Eight Fokker D.XVI biplanes, fitted with Armstrong-Siddeley supercharged "Jaguar" engines, recently delivered to the Royal Dutch Air Force.
The large plan view shows the Mk IV cabin variant in flight.
Westland-Hill Pterodactyl IV.
FRONT VIEW OF SABCA - S.XII: Variable camber gear is provided by the inner trailing edges of the wings.
THE SABCA - S.XII: The Renard outboard engines are placed close under the wings.
S.A.B.C.A. Type XII 3-120 hp "Renard" Engines
WEST INDIAN PRIVATE OWNER: Our illustrations show Mr. Michael Cipriani (right) of Trinidad, who claims to be the only private owner in the West Indies, and (left) his D.H. "Moth."
HYDROGLYDING: On December 7 Mr. Lowe Wylde carried out some tests in taking off from and alighting on water in a glider at the Welsh Harp, Hendon. Our top picture shows the glider being towed off the water by a motor boat, and below is a close-up of the glider.
THE B.A.C. "HYDROGLYDER": View of the glider with which Mr. Lowe Wylde has been carrying out tests on the Welsh Harp, Hendon.
THE B.A.C. "HYDROGLYDER": View of the glider with which Mr. Lowe Wylde has been carrying out tests on the Welsh Harp, Hendon.
B.A.C. IX Glider
THE LATEST CURTISS-WRIGHT "JUNIOR": In our issue for Feb. 27 last we illustrated and briefly described the Curtiss-Wright "Junior" light plane. Above we show this machine developed into an amphibian - and it will be seen that the machine has altered but little in general appearance.
THE BRISTOL TYPE 118: This side view gives a good idea of the general lines of the machine.
STRUT-BRACED: The Bristol Type 118 has a somewhat unusual arrangement of its wing bracing. The engine is a "Jupiter" Series X.FA.
GENERAL PURPOSES: These diagrams illustrate how the Bristol Type 118 came to be classed as a G.P. Aircraft.
Bristol Type 118 Jupiter X.F.A Engine
THE HINKLER "IBIS": This is the first photograph of this machine in flight to be published. It is fitted with Salmson AD 9 engines in tandem, and the view from the cockpit is quite exceptionally good. Mr. Hinkler is now seeking capital to develop the type.
THE LATEST IN FLYING BOATS: An interesting twin-engined flying-boat designed by Col. J. C. Fitzmaurice - the Irish Atlantic flyer.