Flight 1929-03
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The WESTLAND WIDGEON IIIA. With Cirrus III or Gipsy Engine. New Split Axle Undercarriage.
Gloster "Goring" Seaplane
The photograph shows the Vickers-Napier "Vivid" military two-seater which Flight-Lieut. E. R. C. Scholefield, A.F.C., D.C.M., on the 6th September, 1928, flew in one day from Brooklands to Bucharest in the astonishing flying time of ten hours. Like all Vickers machines it is of course doped with Cellon.
This Vickers "Vendace" two-seater - flying low over Brooklands - is of course doped with Cellon. Vickers (Aviation) Limited, like most of the great aeronautical firms in this country and abroad, standardise Cellon Dope for all machines.
Baron Friedrich-Karl Freiherr von Koenig Warthauser and the 20 h.p. Klemm-Daimler baby plane in which he made his record flight from Berlin to Karachi, and in which he won the Hindenburg Cup for the best amateur light plane in Germany. After this award the Baron wrote "Allow me to congratulate you once again on your famous CASTROL Oil which I use exclusively in my monoplane."