Flight 1929-06
Flight Advertisements
3 YEARS. 7,000 HOURS. 630,000 MILES. THESE are the figures for the Armstrong Whitworth Argosies on the London-Paris Airway.
On March 2nd of this year, Mr. Wenlin Chen left Croydon Aerodrome in an Avro Avian. On May 10th, he arrived at Amoy, China. Throughout this 14,000 mile flight across Europe and Asia no trouble was experienced, and Mr.Wenlin Chen expressed complete satisfaction with the machine. This Avro Avian is one of fourteen ordered by the Chinese Government for a school to be opened at Nanking
The lighter, smaller Avro-Avian is specially suited for flying clubs. 100 m.p.h. 20 miles per gallon.
A FLIGHT of Heinkel seaplanes fitted with 460-500 h.p. Geared Jaguars recently flew from Denmark to Barcelona and back. At the end of the flight it was stated "the engines ran like a clock the whole way."