Flight 1929-08
Flight Advertisements
The C 19 Machine with device for starting the rotor blades.
The Short "Singapore" Rolls Royce Flying Boat after its 23,000 miles Flight, piloted by Sir Alan Cobham.
Fitted with the Genet Major engine which gives it a cruising speed of 90 m.p.h. the Avian is the most attractive plane so far produced for club or private use. It says much for this aeroplane that it has been chosen by many of the best clubs as their standard machine, and by many private owners for their personal use. It is small, light and handy, and not an expensive machine to run.
The Hawker Hornet with Rolls Royce F. engine. The fastest single seater fighter in the world.
Hawker "Tomtit" (Mongoose). The machine has been adopted as a standard training machine by the Royal Air Force. Like all Hawker machines, the "Tomtit" is doped with CELLON.
Single-seater cabin monoplane designed by A.B.C. Motors, Ltd. These machines will be constructed by Saunders-Roe, Ltd., Cowes, Isle of Wight, a large order having been placed for them by National Flying Services, Ltd. The "Robin" was exhibited at Olympia, doped with Cellon in N.F.S. colours, the fuselage being lacquered with "Cerric."