Flight 1929-11
Flight Advertisements
G-EBQH. A high performance two-seater Moth, the property of Mr. A. S. Butler, Chairman of The de Havilland Aircraft Company Limited. Fastest time for light aircraft in King's Cup Race, 1929. Top speed 120 m.p.h. Standard Gipsy engine, racing undercarriage, Compass. Faired and streamlined throughout. C. of A. to September, 1930. Price ?575.
G-EBTD. (The Reliability Tour Moth.) The identical Gipsy Moth which has just concluded the record total of 600 flying hours with completely sealed engine. Aircraft and engine now completely overhauled and reconditioned throughout. Telephones fitted. C. of A. for 12 months. A chance to acquire a machine which has made flying history, Price ?425.
Gloster Survey machine, designed and built by the Gloster Aircraft Co. to the order of the Air Survey Co. Ltd. This is the first machine ever designed specially for Air Survey work, and was exhibited in skeleton form at Olympia. The machine has now been completed and doped with Cellon.
G-AAHR. Special two-seater racing Moth with standard Gipsy engine. Winner of Zenith Cup, averaging 112 1/2 m.p.h., including all stops, over 1,150 mile circuit of France. Top speed 122 m.p.h. Streamlined coupe head and special racing undercarriage. Petrol capacity 24 gallons. Equipment includes Oil Thermometer, Compass, D.H. Harness, Double-acting Vickers Hand Pump for petrol. Faired and streamlined throughout for maximum performance. C. of A. to June, 1930. Price ?575.
De Havilland Cirrus Moth.