Aeroplane Monthly 1986-07
The RAF Museum’s Bristol Scout D replica, N5419, at Cardington in May 1986. Knowing it was to be re-covered, previous owner Leo Opdycke removed the roundels and serial in true World War One souvenir-hunter style.
At Strathallan, Fairey Battle R3950 is to be restored to flying condition.
Duxford's new Lancaster, KB889, being unloaded in the Superhangar on May 14 1986 by Vanguard Engineering, who transported the aircraft from Bitteswell.
Top, C-FOWE disappears in a cloud of spray after hitting a buoy at Plymouth on May 31, 1986. The severed port wingtip float is visible on the right of the picture. Bottom, its hull split, the all-white Catalina begins to sink with all flags flying.
The wing damage is shown at left: the wingtip was broken off a few feet outboard of the aileron root. Right, the tip float and wing panel were recovered by one of the dockyard pinnaces.
The de Havilland Queen Bee fuselage seen at the Mosquito Aircraft Museum on April 13 1986 will form the basis for a restoration project.
Roberts' winning Gloucestershire Gannet, which spans just 13 in. The larger-than-scale propeller is essential for good flying performance.
Mike Beach's recently restored Rheinland sailplane at Booker during April 1986. Originally built in the late Thirties, the Rheinland still has an impressive performance.