Aeroplane Monthly 1986-07
F.Bullmore - Circus Pilot (3)
This classic National Aviation Day display formation was probably taken in 1933, the year that Cobham purchased Handley Page W.10 G-EBMR, seen here leading Tiger Moth G-ABUL, Southern Martlet G-ABBN, D.H.60G Gipsy Moth G-ABJC and an anonymous Avro 504K. Cobham's two Handley Page W.10s were joined by Handley Page Clive G-ABYX Astra in April 1933. In two years YX carried 120,000 passengers; it was scrapped in 1935.
Tyson spent much of his time with National Aviation Day displays inverted, generally at low level.
Geoffrey Tyson celebrated the 25th anniversary of Bleriot's crossing of the English Channel by flying Tiger Moth G-ACEZ over the route inverted on July 25, 1934.
Two of the three Avro Cadets attached to Cobham's National Aviation Day displays. The Cadet on the right nearly collided with an aircraft flown by the author near Inverness.
The red, white and blue Avro Cadets carried two passengers apiece.
A parachutist is pulled away from Cobham's Handley Page Clive in 1933. During that year G-ABYX carried nearly 24,000 joyriders.