Aeroplane Monthly 1986-10
B.Abell - Butler did it!
An Australian Aerial Services D.H.9 used on the Adelaide-Sydney service in 1924.
Arthur Butler's Sunbeam Dyak-engined Avro 504K, which he bought as a wreck and rebuilt in his spare time. Butler claimed that this was the safest aeroplane he had ever flown.
The BAT Dove (???), VH-AHB.
Arthur Butler, sans hat, signing for the first regular Australia-England air mail at Cootamundra. BAT had won the tender for the Cootamundra-Charleville leg and used a D.H.84 Dragon for the service, which was inaugurated by Butler himself on December 10, 1934 in VH-URV.
How it was done in the Twenties and Thirties. Arthur Butler’s Avro Avian being serviced somewhere in the Australian outback.
Arthur Butler's finest hour: his arrival over Sydney Harbour Bridge on completion of his record flight to Australia from England in November 1931, made in less than ten days.
BUTLER IN AUSTRALIA: This photograph, which arrived in England by the Australian Xmas Air Mail, shows Mr. C. A. Butler landing at Hargrave Park, Sydney, in his Comper "Swift" (Pobjoy engine) after his record-breaking flight from England.
The ABA-1, designed and built by Arthur Butler in 1930. It was the first all-metal framed aero­plane to be designed and built in Australia.