Flight 1936-01
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HAWK MAJOR (DE-LUXE) Gipsy Major Engine Price ?870 ex Works. Maximum Speed 150 m.p.h. Cruising Speed 130-135 m.p.h. Landing Speed 40-45 m.p.h. Landing run with brakes and flaps 70 yards. Rate of Climb 1,300 feet/min. Petrol consumption 6 1/2 galls./hr. Range 660 miles. Full set of Instruments in rear cockpit. Dual control. Bendix Brakes. Tail trim and rudder bias control. Cockpits upholstered in real leather.
FALCON SIX Gipsy VI Engine WINNER OF KING'S CUP AIR RACE, 1935 Price ?1,485 ex Works. Maximum Speed 180 m.p.h. Cruising Speed 160 m.p.h. Landing Speed 40-45 m.p.h. Landing run with brakes and flaps 130 yards. Rate of climb 1,125 feet/min. Petrol consumption 10 galls./hr. Range 560 miles (with enlarged tank 880 miles). Beautifully furnished cabin with side by side seating of ample dimensions for two passengers.
THE FAIREY "SWORDFISH" (Seaplane Version) Equipped with "Bristol" Pegasus III engines, these are general-purpose two-seater aircraft for Torpedo-Spotter-Reconnaissance work. It has been adopted by the Air Ministry as a land-plane in large numbers.
Type 130 Bristol Transport Bomber
Dragon Rapide 1936 type carrying 300 lbs. more pay load
The cabin is roomy and comfortable with luxurious upholstered seats for five people, 40 cubic feet per person.
Heston "Phoenix" (D.H.V.) 200 h.p. Engine) Standard Equipment "Husun" Aperiodic Compass and Smith Aircraft Instruments
MERLIN Gipsy VI Engine THE HIGH PERFORMANCE 5-SEATER MINIATURE AIR LINER. Price ?1,750 ex Works. Maximum Speed 155 m.p.h. Cruising Speed 140 m.p.h. Landing Speed 50 m.p.h. Standard equipment includes:- Navigation Lights. Turn Indicator. The most efficient type of aircraft in existence; it carries five people at 155 m.p.h. on only 200 h.p.
The Hawker Osprey, Rolls-Royce Kestrel engine. The standard two-seater Fleet Fighter Reconnaissance machine of the Fleet Air Arm. There are both land and seaplane versions.
With two 760 h.p. Siddeley Tiger VI engines the A.W.XXIII bomber transport has a high performance.
THE AW GUN TURRET: A MOUNTING for a free gun approved by the British Air Ministry for any station on modern high performance aircraft. A patented system of linkage relieves the gunner of the influence of accelerations. The operation is entirely manual.
In full control at speeds below the 'stall'...
Sarafand создавался как разведывательная и патрульная летающая лодка большой дальности. Первый полет состоялся 30 июня 1932 года. Самолет имел бипланную коробку размахом 36,58 м и оснащался шестью двигателями Rolls-Royce Buzzard, установленными попарно тандемом.
The R6/28. 6 Rolls-Royce 'Buzzard' Engines designed & Built by SHORT BROS LTD. ROCHESTER
SPARROWHAWK Gipsy Major Engine. A super Sports Model - Price ?870 ex Works. WON PRIZE IN KING'S CUP RACE FOR FASTEST TIME OF DAY IN ITS CLASS. Maximum Speed 175 m p.h. Cruising Speed 150-155 m.p.h. Landing Speed 42 m.p.h. If fitted with High Compression Engine, Top and Cruising Speeds raised 5 m.p.h. Petrol consumption 6 1/2 galls./hr. Range 504 miles.