Aviation Historian 5
The perfect planform - or is it? Spitfire IIA P7350 over the White Cliffs of Dover in July 2010.
Skyfame Aircraft Museum founder Peter M. Thomas welcomes the ferry crew of Swedish Fairey Firefly TT.1 SE-BRD/G-ASTL to Skyfame’s base at Staverton on May 28, 1964;
Three stages in the recovery of TT.1 SE-BRL following its ditching off Halmstad on September 28, 1963.
Partly-restored Moynet Jupiter F-BLKY at the 2013 Paris Air Show
Updating Mick Oakey’s article History or Hogwash? in TAH4, the "mystery photograph” LEFT, on which John Brown based much of his case for Whitehead having flown before the Wrights, appears entirely unrelated to Whitehead. It bears an inarguable resemblance to the photograph at RIGHT of John J. Montgomery ’s glider The California, taken on May 21, 1905, at San Jose Agricultural Park in California. This image appears to be from the same sequence, taken from a viewpoint a few feet further right, to judge by the positions of the treetrunks. Lots more on this at www.flyingmachines.org/gwinfo.