Aviation Historian 5
G.Alegi - ... a 350 lb Mystery
It will fly! The PR.2 aloft during one of its series of short post-restoration flights in 2002-03.
The all-wood PR.2 was built by Angelo "Capo" Cabrilla in the Milan Polytechnic workshops. It was taken to Venegono Superiore, north-west of Milan, in the Lombardy region, for testing in 1946, where it is seen here, but there is no evidence of it having made any flights there or been registered.
The somewhat forlorn PR.2 some time during 1973-74, fitted with a rounded windscreen. Interestingly, neither its builder, Angelo Cabrilla, nor its designer, Ermenegildo Preti (by then a full professor of engineering), were keen to discuss their “ditch-hopper”.