Air International 1986-08
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Gladiator II of No 521 Meteorological Calibration Sqn. This aircraft (N5902) was one of the final batch (of 50) built, and it should be noted that the code letters "ZK" were applicable to No 25 Sqn (which flew the Mk I between June 1938 and February 1939).
Gladiator I operated by the 1ere Escadrille (La Comete) of the 2eme Regiment d'Aeronautique of Belgium's Aeronautique Militaire at Diest-Schaffen on 10 May 1940. The Aeronautique Militaire acquired 22 Gladiator Is delivered between September 1937 and May 1938, but only 13 were on the strength of La Comete when the German assault commenced.
Gladiator II (GL-274), one of 30 aircraft supplied to Ilmavoimat during December 1939 - February 1940, and flown by LeLv 26, 12 and 14 during the "Winter War" and LeLv 14 and 16 during the "Continuation War".
A Gladiator II of Portugal's Esquadrilha de Caca Expedicionaria Nr 2 at Achada (Terceira Isle) in the Azores in August 1941. Fifteen standard RAF Gladiators were switched to Portugal from a British Air Ministry contract in mid-1939 to supplement 15 aircraft that had been delivered to Alverca in the previous year, the aircraft illustrated (464) being the last (450-464) of the original batch.
Sea Gladiator (N5519), one of the first batch of four taken on charge by the RAF in Malta in April 1940 and flown by the Malta Fighter Flight. Note retention of naval colour scheme.