Air Pictorial 1987-09
A U.S. Navy Sikorsky RH-53D Sea Stallion of Squadron HM-14 sweeping the Red Sea in 1984 for mines sown apparently in connection with the Iraq-lran war
Nostalgic shot by P. Tasker of No. 5 Squadron Lightning F.6 XS903 “AM" at Binbrook wearing the evil-looking shark's mouth which it gained during an A.P.C. in Cyprus in 1984. No. 5's Lightings will be retired in December 1987
Overall view of the Douglas XB-19, 38-471, in its original form, powered by 2,000-h.p. Wright Cyclone R-3350-5 radial engines. Maximum all-up weight was 162,000 lb.
XB-19 38-471 taking off on its first flight. 27th June 1941. Largest aircraft of its time, it had 8-ft.-dia. mainwheels
In 1943 the aircraft was re-engined with 2,600-h.p. Allison V-3240-11 s, becoming the XB-19A. Top speed was then 265 m.p.h.