Flight 1936-07
Flight Advertisements
Three hundred plus: The Hawker F36/34 fighter, with its Rolls-Royce Merlin, does over 300 m.p.h. - just how much may not be said. It has been adopted for service.
A cod's-eye view of the "Singapore III," now being issued to certain squadrons.
The Avro "Tutor" (215 h.p. "Lynx") is the standard training type in the Royal Air Force.
The "Mew Gull" which won the Coupe Armand Esders Race in the hands of the Comte de Chateaubrun.
"Jungmeister" training plane for advanced pupils.
PERFORMANCE and CONVERSION. The New Envoy is the first British aircraft built for rapid conversion from a commercial into a military machine with a performance equal to, if not better than machines designed wholly for military purposes.