Flight 1936-08
Flight Advertisements
The engine installation and the working parts of the undercarriage are readily accessible for adjustment and routine inspection.
Alongside the pilot and in the extreme nose of the fuselage is the prone position for the bomb aimer.
The cabin is well lit and unusually roomy. It is expressly designed for the military duties for which the Anson is intended.
A little air liner ... side-by-side dual control five-seater ... a new degree of comfort and quietness in a spacious saloon ventilated with warmed and fresh air ... fully equipped ... tankage for 900 miles ... all day cruising at 125 miles per hour.
Florence Nightingale - первый экземпляр ST-25 Ambulance. Больного на носилках загружали в кабину через большую дверь в правом борту фюзеляжа. Все построенные Ambulance были экспортированы.
FLEDGED: Canopus, the first of the Short Empire flying boats, took the air at Rochester for the first time last week-end, in the hands of Mr. Lankester Parker. This Flight photograph clearly shows the beautifully clean take-off.
THE WATCH FROM ABOVE: Four Hawker Osprey IV fleet fighter reconnaissance seaplanes with 600/640 h.p. fully supercharged Kestrel V engines over Alexandria Harbour. Machines of this type are carried by a number of warships of the Mediteranean fleet; with wheel undercarriages they are operated in large numbers from aircraft carriers.
An important feature of the new Airspeed Convertible Envoys is the rapidity with which the aircraft can be converted from purely civil aeroplanes into fast bombers, or reconnaissance machines. This conversion can be carried out by four men in four hours and gives an additional value to high performance.
The maximum speed of the Convertible Envoy - 210 m.p.h. - is proportionately equalled by the speed with which the aircraft can be converted from civil into military form. The conversion is carried out by four men in four hours. Now that re-arming occupies such a prominent position in Government programmes, throughout the world, the Convertible Envoy is of particular interest.