Flight 1937-03
Flight Advertisements
To represent Great Britain at Paris: The Bristol Blenheim is believed to be the world's fastest bomber.
FOR PORTUGAL: Hawker Fury (Rolls-Royce Kestrel Engine), the single-seater Army fighter ol the Portuguese Air Force.
ABOVE A WONDER OF THE WORLD: A D.H.89 Rapide, which has recently been added to the Rhodesia and Nyasaland Airways' fleet, flying over the Victoria Falls and the Zambesi Bridge.
As one would expect from a machine sponsored by one of the finest aeronautical organisations in the world, the 1937 "Tipsy" is a truly remarkable aircraft. It flies with only four horse power, and its new Aero "Sprite" engine produces 25 horse power - this gives a speed range of 37-95/100 m.p.h. (cruising 80/85). The "Tipsy" has been thoroughly stressed far beyond its normal requirements, and yet it is exceptionally light in weight. There is nothing amateurish about the "Tipsy," and it should not be confused with imitations and others in this category. The "Tipsy" is an "all-weather" aircraft, easy to fly, and extremely economical to run and maintain.
YR-SAN, a fully equipped Monospar Ambulance, has recently been despatched by air to Industria Aeronautica Romana, the Roumanian State Aircraft Factory. This machine, besides its main purpose of carrying sick persons to Hospitals from remote districts, is capable of bringing a doctor and full equipment in cases of sudden illness. Interior and fittings have been designed under the auspices of the British Red Cross Society and include every essential for the care and transporting of the sick or injured. This Monospar is not merely for first aid; it is a small but veritable flying hospital whose speed and smoothness in the air will be or immense benefit in a task where these points mean so much.
SMITH instruments and HUSUN Mk IIIA compass on the MILES WHITNEY STRAIGHT (D.H. 130 h.p. Gipsy Major)
Maintenance Cost of the AIRSPEED ENVOY 1-25 pence per mile