Aviation Historian 6
D.Menzies - "A Very Audible Remark..."
THE SAME ONLY DIFFERENT: Anyone could be excused for saying of the above view "It's an ordinary Vickers Vildebeest as used by the R.A.F." But that is not true. Note, for instance, that a long-chord cowling is fitted; this is not standard on the present Pegasus-engined type. Actually the machine has a Bristol Perseus sleeve-valve engine and is of a type adopted as Service equipment by the Air Ministry.
Vickers Vildebeest K4164, the aircraft in which Menzies made his forced landing in January 1935, following its conversion from a Pegasus-engined Mk III to the testbed for the Bristol Perseus-powered Vildebeest Mk IV.
The report of the forced landing in local newspaper The Evening Star and Daily Herald on Tuesday, January 8, 1935, the day after the incident.