Air Enthusiast 2002-09
Y.Gordon, A.Dawes - In the Line of Fire (1)
MiG-15bis, destined for conversion to a target drone, at Akhtubinsk in 1992.
Based on the series-produced MiG-15, the M-15 drone carried the control guidance equipment in an under-fuselage pod.
Rare shot of an M-15 in ferry configuration, with underwing tanks.
The final modifications of the M-17 target drone scarcely differed from the standard MiG-17 fighter. M-17 'Red 22' at the Russian State Flight Test Centre at Akhtubinsk in 1992.
An M-17 at the Northern Fleet Aviation Museum at Safunaro, showing the fin tip camera fairing and additional housing at the base of the fin.
Head-on view of an M-17 with tanks and a profusion of additional antennae and fairings.
Late variant of the M-17 without pods for photo-recording.
An M-17 awaiting ferrying from L'vov.
Late model M-17s outside at L'vov.
Самолет-мишень М-17Ф, созданный на базе МиГ-17Ф. Перед килем - обтекатель рулевых машинок. Под фюзеляжем - блок аппаратуры радиоуправления. Под законцовками крыла - фотоконтрольные приборы
The M-17MM, based on the afterburner-equipped MiG-17F. Note the additional bulge ahead of the fin, containing radio control apparatus.
Самолет-мишень М-17П (на базе МиГ-17П). Все мишени этого семейства могли пилотироваться летчиком, например, при перелете с завода на полигон
All M-17P with underwing tanks. There was no under fuselage pod, this was housed in the otherwise empty radome.
An M-17PF with under-fuselage pod. Note also the camera housing at the top of the fin and the small pods under the wingtips.
Самолет-мишень Як-25МШ на испытаниях в ЛИИ
A Yak-25MSh during an unmanned test flight from Zhukovsky.
MiG-15UTI trainer escorting a Yak-25MSh
MiG-15UTI trainer escorting a Yak-25MSh
'Yellow 76', the prototype Yak-25RV-1 high-altitude target drone.
Серийные Як-25РВ-II
Series-produced Yak-25RV-Is at a Soviet air base.