Air Enthusiast 2002-09
A.Pelletier - End of the Dinosaurs
The tiny XP-936 pursuit fighter (P-26A prototype) gives an idea of the overall size of the B-9. At that time the Boeing bomber flew faster than any fighter on squadron inventory.
The Boeing Monomail was a milestone in US aviation technology.
The Y1B-9A broke the mould of biplane bombers, but was not the start of Boeing's bomber dynasty.
Originally the Model 214 was fitted with Curtiss GIV-1570C Conquerors.
P&W R-1860 installation.
Post main undercarriage.
A Boeing Y1B-9A under construction.
Nose gun station under construction.
The maximum bomb load consisted of two 1,100 lb general-purpose bombs carried under the fuselage.
A Y1B-9A nearing completion.
The Boeing Y1B-9A 32-303, the first of a small batch built for evaluation.
Pilot’s cockpit, Y1B-9A.
Rear gunner station.
Boeing Y1B-9.