Air Enthusiast 2002-09
A.Thomas - Baltic Gladiators
Latvian Gladiator 121 of the 123rd Esk nosed over at Daugavils in August 1939.
Gladiator 167 of the 124th Esk suffered a landing accident at Riga on January 21,1939, in the hands of Warrant Officer Janis Karklin.
Augusts Graudins proudly stands in front of his 123rd Esk aircraft, co-incidentally serialled 123, in 1938.
Литва - Gladiator Mk I. Всего через несколько дней после латвийского заказа Литва заказала "Gloster" 14 самолетов. Эти Gladiator Mk I были облетаны в Хакклекоте, а затем разобраны для доставки морем, произведенной в октябре - ноябре 1937 года. Сборка проходила на авиабазах в Вильнюсе и Каунасе. После присоединения Литвы и Латвии к СССР самолеты Gladiator в советских ВВС не использовались.
Gladiator I G-705 at the Hucclecote factory before delivery to the Lithuanian Karo Aviacija in 1937.
Gladiator I G-709 of the Tautine Eskadrille, of the Soviet 29th Territorial Corps at Siauliai, Lithuania, after its capture by the Germans in June 1941.
After wearing the colours of several air forces, the Gladiators exported to the Baltic states wore the German swastika, as shown on 'NJ+BO' of ErgGr(S)I during 1942-1943.