Air Pictorial 1988-01
M.Goodall - Flying from lake Windermere - 1909-1921 /Britain's Seaplane Pioneers/ (2)
In August 1919 the Avro Transport Company started pleasure flights from Cockshott with Howard Pixton in charge of operations. His aircraft were these two Avro 504L seaplanes. H2582 (left, which became G-EADK) and H2581 (G-EADJ)
The FBA flying-boat, 3648, sent to Windermere in 1915 to help train naval pilots. It is seen at Hill of Oaks with Lankester Parker aboard
The Black­burn Land/Sea Monoplane acquired by the Northern Aircraft school in 1915, seen at Hill of Oaks. Powered by a 100-h.p. Anzani, it had wing­warping for lateral control
Another view of the Black­burn at Hill of Oaks. As well as a trainer it was used by Rowland Ding as his personal runabout
The Northern Aircraft Co. PB1, a pusher biplane trainer built in early 1916
The PB1 was later modified, its 60-h.p. Green engine replaced by an 80-h.p. Gnome rotary, and in this form became the PB2
Nieuport VI seaplane at Hill of Oaks, one of four used by the Navy after it had taken over pilot training on Windermere