Air International 1987-03
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A Lockheed C-130H in service with USAF's Military Airlift Command (MAC), in the currently-standard "lizard" tactical camouflage finish, with low-visibility national insignia. The C-130H replaced the C-130E as the basic transport variant of the Hercules in 1973.
One of Spain's C-130Hs in service with Escuadron 312 at Zaragoza, where Esc 301 also flies Hercules.
The Algerian Air Force uses a mix of Hercules variants, including the standard C-130H shown here and long-fuselage C-130H-30s. They carry civil registrations as well as military insignia.
XV208 is the sole Hercules W Mk 2, a conversion of one of the RAF's 66 C-130Ks for weather reconnaissance duties.
One of the RAF's Hercules C Mk 1s (designated C-130K for procurement) with air-to-air refuelling probe, as adopted at short notice during the Falklands campaign. Half of the RAF fleet of Hercules is now so-equipped.
Of the total of 66 Hercules acquired by the RAF, 30 have now been modified (by Marshall of Cambridge) to C Mk 3 standard with fuselage lengthened to L-100-30 standard.
TC-70 is the last of 10 Hercules delivered to the Fuerza Aerea Argentina between 1968 and 1979, of which the first three were "E" models and the other seven C-130Hs.
A heavily-armed AC-130H gunship, as used by the 1st Special Operations Wing at Hurlburt Field, Florida.
An intriguing kit from Merlin Models reviewed this month represents the Grumman Skyrocket seen here as originally flown
The Grumman Skyrocket in July 1941 after modifications
Subject of a Monogram kit in 1/48th scale, the Bell AH-1S is not one of the most colourful of subjects for the modeller, although the kit does provide a little more diversity of markings than are apparent on thus US Army Cobra of the 268th AAB, 9th CAB, 9th Infantry Division.
Reviewed this month is a very good kit of the Fokker E V alias D VIII from Merlin Models, one of the last German fighter types to see operational use in World War One. The D VIII illustrated here is that flown by Lt S Stec of the Polish 7th Aviation (Kosciuszko) Sqn in February-July 1919
The D VIII illustrated here was operating from Busigny-Escaufort with Jasta 6 in August 1918.
EC-130H versions of the Hercules flying with Electronic Countermeasures Squadrons in Europe now wear the same pale grey and white finish as the USAF's EF-111A Ravens.
"Lizard" camouflage is worn also by this MC-130E, an electronic reconnaissance version of the Hercules used by the 8th Special Operations Squadron, 1st SOW, based at Hurlburt Field, Florida.
A WC-130H, converted from an HC-130H with the Fulton recovery yokes removed from the nose, as used by the 53rd and 54th Weather Reconnaissance Squadrons, based respectively at Keesler AFB, Mississippi and Anderson AFB, Guam.
An HC-130N in low-visibility camouflage, as operated by the 67th Aerospace Rescue and Recovery Squadron based in the UK. The dorsal fairing is a radome. Serial 69-5823, it is one of 15 built in 1970, lacking the Fulton recovery gear of the ARRS HC-130H variants.