Air International 1987-05
This historic aircraft - the world’s first seaplane - can he seen by travellers passing through Marignane Airport, Marseilles. Photographed here by Air Vice-Marshal S B Grant, it is the hydravion flown by Henri Fabre in 1910.
As described in the accompanying letter from Mario Canongia Lopes, this Lockheed Hudson VI, ex-RAF Coastal Command, was registered CS-TLA as the first aircraft in the fleet of Portugal's national airline, TAP.
Finished in the colours of British Midland Airways, the second British Aerospace ATP made its maiden flight on 20 February 1987 at Woodford. The flight lasted three hours and handling checks included stalls, roll-rate measurement and stability assessments.
A line-up of the CASA C-101 Aviojets used during 1986 by Spain's “Patrulla Aguila". As Gerd van Roye’s photograph shows, the aircraft carried no special markings.
A series of product improvements including Pratt & Whitney PT6A-67R engines, increased all-up weight and higher cruising speed identify the Srs 300 version of the Shorts 360. recently introduced.