Air International 1987-05
Model enthusiast
A Harrier GR Mk 3 of No 3 Squadron, RAF, for which a revised "Matchbox" kit is now available.
Monogram's new large-scale kit of the Mirage 2000 is for the single-seat 2000C fighter in its standard Armee de l'Air form and finish.
A Lockheed S-3A Viking in the original grey and white finish, and wearing the AB tail codes of Carrier Air Wing (CVW) 1, operating from the USS John F Kennedy. The tail codes are not associated with the individual squadrons = in this case VS-32 - but with the CVWs, and the same codes can therefore be seen, at different times, on aircraft of different squadrons.
One of the four S-3As that have been modified to US-3A configuration, for use as carrier on-board delivery (COD) transports. NH codes indicate CVW-11, with which VS-33 was at the time serving.
VS-38 has recently replaced VS-29 as the ASW squadron with CVW-2 aboard the USS Ranger. The pale grey finish is becoming the standard fleet-wide.
The US-3A BuAer 7998 has not only served with VS-33, but also with VS-38 when it was part of CVW-14 aboard the USS Coral Sea.
This highly colourful scheme was applied to a Viking of VS-41 for the US Bicentennial celebrations in 1976.
The two-seat SK 37 version of the Saab Viggen is now represented by a reissued "Matchbox" kit.