Air Enthusiast 1971-07
??? - A pictorial history of Turkish Military Aviation
Bristol Blenheim I of the Bomber Battalion of the 3rd Regiment, Izmir, 1939.
Breguet XIX.7 reconnaissance-bomber, 1935.
Twenty Breguet XIXs were purchased in the late ’twenties, being supplemented in 1933 by 50 of the later Breguet XIX.7s.
Republic F-84G-16 Thunderjet of the Turkish 3rd TAF, Diyarbakir, 1954.
Curtiss Hawk II of the Fighter Battalion of the 3rd Regiment. Izmir, 1940.
When Turkey widened aircraft procurement in 1933, one of the first purchases was 24 Curtiss Hawk IIs which served until 1941.
Focke-Wulf Fw 190A-3 of the 3rd Company, 5th Air Regiment, Bursa, 1944.
The Turkish fighter force was strengthened in 1940 by the arrival of 45 Morane-Saulnier M.S.406s from France.
SPAD S.XIII operational over Asia Minor in 1922 during the Graeco-Turkish War.
Vultee V-11-GB of the 2nd Regiment, Diyarbakir, 1939.
North American F-100D-15 Super Sabre of the Turkish 1st TAF. Bandirma, 1969
A small number of Le Rhone-engined Nieuport 17s of 1916 vintage were acquired shortly after World War I and used for training.
Republic F-84FQ Thunderstreak of the Turkish 1st TAF, Eskisehir, 1970.
Westland Lysander II at Yesilkoy, 1940.
One ANT-9 transport powered by two 500 hp M-17 engines was presented to Turkey and operated by the Turkish air arm.
Between 1948 and 1954 the Turkish Air Forces operated the P-47D Thunderbolt fighter-bomber in some numbers.
Curtiss Hawk 81A-3 (Tomahawk IIB), Eskisehir, 1942.
In 1942 the Turkish fighter inventory was further extended by the delivery of Tomahawk IIBs (Hawk 81A-3) from RAF stocks.
Halberstadt D V of the Turkish Army Air Service, early 1918.
PZL P.24C fighter at Yesilkoy, 1940.
The wide variety of military aircraft acquired by Turkey during the late 'thirties included a few Focke-Wulf Fw 58 trainers.