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??? - The "Halfway-House" Fokker /Warbirds/
One of the 10 D XXI fighters manufactured under licence in Denmark seen prior to the mounting of 20-mm Madsen cannon under the wings
Twin Wasp Junior-powered D XXIs with decoratively-painted undercarriage fairings in Finnish service in 1942
The prototype Fokker D XXI
The 20-mm Madsen cannon standardised on Danish D XXI fighters.
The sole example of the D XXI to be completed with retractable main undercarriage members.
Хотя D.XXI сохранил архаичное неубирающееся шасси, он неплохо зарекомендовал себя в качестве истребителя.
D XXIs of the 5e Jachtvliegtuigafdeling in the national insignia used prior to October 1939. Note lack of rod-mounting for ring-and-bead sight.
A late-production Twin Wasp Junior-powered D XXI (FR-150) with glazed panelling extended along the rear decking to improve view for the tactical reconnaissance role
Fokker D XXI
A Fokker D XXI of the 2e Jachtvliegtuigafdeling at Schiphol, Spring 1940. Upper surfaces finished in irregular pattern of green, beige and olive, and engine cowling (apart from cowling ring) and under surface finished in dark reddish brown. Orange inverted triangles outlined in black on fuselage sides and upper and lower wing surface, orange rudder outlined in black, and white fuselage numerals.