Air Enthusiast 1971-10
R.Braybrook - Trial by Fire /Fighters in the RAF/ (2)
Hurricane I (P2579) of No 73 Sqdn, France, Winter 1939-40;
The RAF's first fighter monoplane, the Hurricane I, L1599 of No 56 Sqdn being illustrated
A Hurricane squadron flying in tight vics.
A Spitfire II (P7666) of No 41 Sqdn, Autumn 1940;
The clipped-wing Spitfire VB (AA937 of the Air Fighting Development unit illustrated) figured largely in 1941/2 "rhubarbs”.
Beaufighter I (T4638) of No 604 Sqdn, Spring 1941;
Defiant с турелью поначалу считался удачным, однако летчики Люфтваффе быстро научились пользоваться отсутствием стреляющих вперед пулеметов у британского истребителя и атаковали его спереди.
A failure in the day fighter role, the Boulton Paul Defiant was switched to night interception with indifferent success, a Mk II night fighter of No 151 Sqdn being illustrated.
Typhoon IB (JR371) of No 198 Sqdn, Summer 1944;
The Typhoon (a Mk IA R7700 used for armament trials at Boscombe Down being illustrated) had an inauspicious start to its career
Whirlwind (P6969) of No 263 Sqdn, Winter 1941-2.
The Mosquito NF II (DD609 illustrated) with "arrowhead” AI Mk 4 radar which joined the RAF night fighting component in 1942.