Air Enthusiast 1971-12
??? - The ubiquitous Hawk /Warbirds/ (2)
A P-36C in temporary “War Games" camouflage; the wing guns and cartridge case retainer boxes can be seen.
A Curtiss Hawk 75A-3 in the markings of the 2e Escadrille of GC 1/5. As will be related in the third instalment of this feature, this was one of two Hawk 75 Groupes which, based in Morocco, fought against the Allies during the Operation Torch landings in North Africa in November 1942.
A Curtiss P-36A in the markings of the 55th Pursuit Squadron, which, as part of the 20th Pursuit Group at Barksdale Field, was one of the first units to receive the Curtiss fighter in 1938.
The fourth Curtiss Hawk 75A-I for the Armee de I'Air during a demonstration at Le Bourget early in 1939.
В полете - P-36C Воздушного корпуса армии США.
A Curtiss P-36C in the olive drab finish re-adopted by the US AAF, together with yellow numerals, in 1940.
Hawk 75A-3 (No 217) flown by the leading French “Ace” of 1939, Lt Marin la Meslee (20 “kills"), 1st Escadrille Groupe de Chasse 1/5 based at Rabat, Morocco, in spring 1941.