Air Enthusiast 1971-12
H.Taylor - Flying the Douglas Twins /Viewed from the Cockpit/
Havoc I (BD112) of No 23 Squadron, RAF, 1941.
Boston III (AL296) of No 107 Squadron, RAF, 1942.
Boston IIIA (AL877) of No 24 Squadron, SAAF, 1943,
Boston IIIA (BZ357) of No 88 (Hong Kong) Squadron, 1944.
Boston III (A28-15) of No 22 Squadron, RAAF.
An ex-Belgian-contract Douglas DB-7, used by the RAF as a Boston I, distinguished by the short nacelles for the Twin Wasp engines.
A pre-delivery picture of a British-contract Boston III
The Douglas Boston III Medium Bomber (two Wright R-2600-A5BO engines).
A Havoc II after conversion in Britain to have a 12-gun nose and early AI equipment with aerials on the nose and wing.
Another variant of the Douglas A-20 family used by the RAF was the A-20J Boston IV shown with ventral ferry tank
Вид из кабины A-20
The cockpit of a US AAF Douglas A-20G-15, showing the gun sight and gun firing button (on the control wheel) for the forward firing guns.
Douglas Boston III