Air Enthusiast 1971-12
Model enthusiast
Bf 109G-6 of I/JG 52 at Leipzig (Rumania), summer 1944
Bf 109G-6 of the 14th Slovakian Fighter Squadron, Crimea, spring 1943;
Bf 109G-6 of 11° Gruppo Caccia Terrestre, 3a Squadriglia “Diavoli", Villafranca, Verona, October 1944;
Bf 109G-6 of Fliegerkompagnie 7 of the Swiss Fliegertruppe, autumn, 1944;
Bf 109G-6 of the Bulgarian 6th Fighter Regiment, Wrasdebna, April 1944;
Bf 109G-6 of the Hungarian 102 Independent Fighter Group, summer 1944;
Bf 109G-10/U4 of the kroat.Jagdstaffel, Eichwalde, November 1944.
A welcome addition to the range of Regia Aeronautica aircraft kits available is the Macchi C.200 Saetta recently issued by Artiplast. The example of the Saetta illustrated by this photo is an early production series aircraft of the 374° Squadriglia flying over Grottaglie in November 1940. The “Asso di Bastoni” emblem of the 152° Gruppo can be seen on the rear fuselage. This aircraft is finished in the temperate scheme of green with a darker brownish-green dapple.