Air Enthusiast 1971-11
The MiG-21MF interceptors of the V-VS which paid a goodwill visit to France 6-10 September revealed several features not previously seen, such as the fuselage-mounted armament of twin ultra-short 23-mm cannon. It was previously thought that the conical centrebody in the intake housing the "Spin Scan" search and track radar was fixed, but this is now known to be a three-position centrebody as used by earlier day fighter versions of the MiG-21.
This view of the interior of the cockpit of the MiG-21MF reveals rather more American than European influence (eg, the large vertical panel). The radar scope appears to be relatively low, suggesting the use of a two-position seat (ie, that can be raised for take-off and landing). All the usual flying instruments are on the left, together with a clock (now omitted from most western panels to save space), compass with VOR/ADF needle, and a "vernier ASI". To the right are the engine instruments, fuel flow rate and fuel contents gauges. The central warning panel endows the cockpit with a “modern” look, but the wall switches to starboard are rather passe. The control column handle is rather untidy, with tailplane trim switch and two firing buttons, and the brake handle suggests that steering is performed by differential mainwheel braking rather than nosewheel steering.
On 28 September 1971 the Bell Helicopter Company revealed a new armed helicopter, which, first flown on 10 September, has been named the KingCobra. Powered by a 1,800 slip Pratt & Whitney T400-CP-400 “Twin Pac” power plant, the first prototype KingCobra retains the general configuration of the HueyCobra but has larger 13-ft (3,96-m) stub wings, an enlarged rotor and a tailboom extension. It embodies a multi-sensor fire control system.
Illustrated is the Lockspeiser LDA-1, the first flight of which was made on 24 August, 1971. Powered by a Continental C-85-12, this aircraft has a span of 29 ft (8,84 m) and gross weight of 1,300 lb (590 kg) and is a 70 per cent scale model of a projected "‘flying utility truck". The latter would have a 340 hp Lycoming O-540 engine, a span of 44 ft (13,4 m), gross weight of 4,500 lb (2 040 kg) with a 2,000 lb (907 kg) payload and range of 350 naut mis (649 km).