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??? - The ubiquitous Hawk /Warbirds/ (1)
P-36C of the USAAF in the finish standardised early 1942;
Hawk 75A-3 (CU-562) of Finnish HLeLv 32, Nurmoila, winter 1942-3;
Hawk 75A-8 of the Norwegian flying training centre, Island Airport, Toronto, 1941;
Hawk 75A-5 of the Nationalist Chinese Air Force, Kunming, 1942;
Hawk 75A-7 flown by Colonel Boxman of the 1.Vliegtuigafdeling, KNIL Luchtvaartafdeling, Madioen, December 1941.
"Модель 75B" с двигателем XR-1820-39. Весна 1936г.
Curtiss's prototype modified as the Model 75B with Wright XR-1820-39 Cyclone engine, strengthened cockpit canopy and scalloped aft decking for improved rear view.
The second Hawk 75 demonstrator (NR1277) demonstrated at Buenos Aires late in 1937 in competition with the Seversky 2-PAL
Один из двадцати построенных по лицензии в Аргентине H.75O.
The 19th Hawk 75O built in Argentina by the Fabrica Militar and delivered to the Army Aviation Command in 1941.
The Hawk 75R was a company-owned demonstration aircraft with a turbo-supercharger mounted beneath the nose with the intercooler beneath the wing trailing edge.
The company-owned demonstrator NX22028, previously fitted with a Twin Wasp engine and turbo-supercharger, after being re-engined with a Cyclone.
The first Y1P-36 after being fitted with two-bladed contra-props, the first such installation on a US aircraft.
A P-36A of the 79th Pursuit Squadron of the 20th Pursuit Group, the first USAAC Group to receive the Curtiss fighter, at Barksdale Field.
The Curtiss Hawk 75A-2
Model 75 prototype; Model 75B; Hawk 75A-4; Hawk 75A-3.
Hawk 75 initial prototype; Hawk 75M; Hawk 75N, Hawk 75O.