Air Enthusiast 1971-11
Model enthusiast
Hawk 75A-1 (No 50) of 1st Escadrille, GC II/5, winter 1939-40;
Hawk 75A-3 (No 267) of 2nd Escadrille GC 1/5 (formerly with GC II/4) carrying both the “Golden Eagle’’ emblem of the 2nd Esc GC II/5 and the “Petit Poucet” emblem of the 2nd Esc GC II/4, Casablanca, Morocco, spring 1941;
Hawk 75A-3 (No 243) of 1st Escadrille GC II/5, Casablanca, Morocco, summer 1941;
Hawk 75A-3 (No 207) of 2nd Escadrille GC II/4, Dakar, Senegal, summer 1942;
Hawk 75A-3 (No 314) of CO (Commandant Stehlin) GC I/4, Dakar, Senegal, 1941.
Among the Heller kits recently made available in the UK by Richard Kohnstam Limited under the trade name af “Riko” is a kit of the fascinating little Caudron Renault CR.714 light interceptor, the first production example of which is seen here at Guyancourt in June 1939.