Aviation Historian 9
The photograph taken at Reno in 1965. The picture shows newly-arrived North American P-51D Mustang N335/Race 14, winner of the Trans-Continental Air Race. Note the burnt-through starboard exhaust stack.
The photograph taken at Reno in 1965. Unmodified Mustang N2869D is reflected in the wet runway.
Remember the puzzling code "UGLY”, seen here stencilled on a P-47D at Liverpool Docks, published in TAH8? Subscriber Bob Living­stone has provided chapter and verse, and see if you can spot the “Ford - Soxo” code pencilled to the right of the aircraft’s name on Eighth Air Force B-24 Sultry Sue.
Potez 840 F-BMCY, complete with bent inner propeller blades, at Sumburg.