Air International 1987-07
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Folland Gnat I XK724 for RAF evaluation
The Finnish Gnat GN-104.
Flygvapnet, the Swedish Air Force, has four MBB BO 105CBS search-and-rescue helicopters in service with F6 at Karlsborg (illustrated) and F7 at Satenas, with the local service designation HKP 9B. The Swedish Army has also ordered 20 TOW-equipped BO 105CBs for anti-tank duties.
The BO 105 is assembled in Spain by CASA, which has delivered 57 to the Spanish Army, including 18 of these BO 105GSH versions with 20-mm cannon installation under the fuselage.
Bearing the H-61 designation of the Fuerza Aerea de Chile, this BO 105CBS is one of the first assembled in Santiago by ENAER, which has also developed a gunship version of the 105 with narrow front fuselage.
The Groep Lichte Vliegtuigen (Light Aircraft Group) of the Koninglijke Luchtmacht (Royal Netherlands Air Force) acquired 32 BO 105Cs, for service with No 298 Squadron at Soesterberg and No 299 Squadron at Deelen.
The Tentera Nasional Indonesia - Angkatan Laut (Indonesian Naval Air Arm) is one of the customers for the NBO 105 variants built in Bandung by IPTN. Production has now exceeded 100 in Indonesia.