Air International 1987-10
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The Meteor NF Mk 11 was the first of the two-seat night fighter variants of the Gloster jet fighter, produced for the RAF by Sir W G Armstrong Whitworth Aircraft. This example bears the markings of No 68 Squadron, with Commanding Officer's stripes on the fin and Station Commander's pennant on the nose.
With lengthened nose for US radar and enlarged fin area, this Meteor NF Mk 12 bears the markings of No 153 Squadron at West Malling, Kent, in 1955.
The Meteor NF Mk 13 was externally similar to the NF Mk 11, of which it was a tropicalised variant for RAF service in the Middle East. The Egyptian Air Force, in whose markings this example is illustrated, acquired six surplus NF Mk 13s in mid-1955. Three were destroyed during the Suez Canal conflict at the end of 1956.
Distinguished by its clear-view sliding canopy, in place of the original side-hinged design, the Meteor NF Mk 14 was the last of the night fighter variants. This example is in the markings of No 85 Squadron.
Some 50 of the Meteor NF Mk 11s were converted to serve in the target-towing role, for which purpose an ML Aviation Type G wind-driven winch was mounted above the starboard wing. They were designated Meteor TT Mk 20, this example serving with the Fleet Requirements Unit at Hal Far, Malta.
Six of the 20 Meteor NF Mk 11s sold to the Royal Danish Air Force were converted to TT Mk 20 standard and four of these were operated on behalf of the RDAF by Swedish company Svenska Flygtjanst.