Air International 2017-03
Commercial Turboprops /AirFocus/
This Il-114LL (Letayushchaya Laboratoriya, flying test bed) is the only Il-114 currently still flying in Russia. It is used by the Radar MMS company in St Petersburg for trials of elements of the Kasatka maritime patrol system.
The seven Il-114-100s are the only aircraft in commercial operation presently, all used by Uzbekistan Airways.
An attempt to save the Il-114 programme was the equipment of the aircraft with Pratt Whitney PW127H engines and Rockwell Collins avionics. Only seven such examples, designated Il-114-100, were made.
Around 100 ex-passenger ATRs have now been converted to freighters, with FedEx one of the operators.
Eastern Airways is one of the biggest fleet operators of the Jetstream J41, with 15 in service plus three stored.
Jetstream 32 LV-ZPW (c/n 861) is one of six former Aero VIP aircraft recently acquired by Argentina's Macair Jet through BAE Systems.
Around 190 examples of the 18-19-seat Jetstream J31/J32 are still in use out of the 386 that were produced from 1980 to 1993.
Only 56 Saab 2000s were built but 378 remain operational, including eight operated by the Swiss-based Etihad Regional.
Etihad Regional Saab 2000 HB-IYI (c/n 16) at Bern, Switzerland.
The MA700 was announced in 2007 and development work began in 2013.
An artist’s impression of the MA700, which is now scheduled for its first flight in 2018.
The Do 228’s size, short take-off/landing (STOL) performance and hot and high capabilities make it well-suited for niche markets, such as here in Venezuela.
Most ATPs have been converted to freighters, which are operated from Sweden by West Atlantic Airlines.
Some ATPs have a large freight door (LFD) installed in the rear fuselage to enable containers to be loaded and unloaded.
Ryukyu Air Commuter, a subsidiary of Japan Airlines, was the launch customer for Cargo Combi, one of several configuration options introduced on the Q400 in recent years.
More than 500 Bombardier Dash 8 Q400s have been ordered. Estonian carrier Air Baltic operates 12 of these aircraft, including YL-BBT (c/n 4438) pictured here at Stockholm-Arlanda.
Ethiopian Airlines is one of several carriers that have ordered the dual-class Q400, which features seven business class seats with 36in (914mm) pitch.
Austrian Airlines Bombardier Dash 8 Q400 OE-LGF (c/n 4068) at Innsbruck.
The Bombardier Dash 8 Q400’s cockpit which, like the ATR, features a Thales-manufactured flight deck.
The mock-up of the SARA produced by Denel. The company sees potential for 140 new aircraft and 170 replacement aircraft over 15 years, and demand for 1,500 aircraft worldwide over 20 years.
A full-scale marine plywood and fibreglass mock-up of the SARA fuselage was shown at the Africa Aerospace and Defence expo in September 2016.
The Cargo Flex option on the ATR 72-600 was first delivered to PNG Air in Papua New Guinea late in 2015.
Sales of ATRs have increased in recent years. This ATR 72-600, G-FBXC (msn 1300), is operated by the UK airline Flybe as part of a franchise agreement with Scandinavian Airlines.
ATR is working on integrating the Elbit Systems Clearvision Enhanced Vision System as an option for the ATR 600 Series.