Air International 1987-11
P.Jackson - Royal Jordanian Air Force: Air Power at Three-continent Crossroads
Virtually out of service, a few of No 9 Squadron's F-104A and two-seat F-104B Starfighters are still to be seen at Prince Hassan AB, where they serve as decoys.
A pair of Mirage F1CJs from No 25 Squadron, based al Azraq and flying near Ajlun. Their pale grey finish distinguishes the F1CJs from some of the later Mirage F1FJs in service with No I Squadron.
A camouflaged Mirage F1EJ of No I Squadron.
Sharing the King Abdullah AB with No 7 Squadron's S-76As and Super Pumas is the sole remaining Alouette III of No 8 Squadron.
Four C-130Hs and two C-130Bs make up the Lockheed Hercules complement of No 3 Squadron, which forms the backbone of the RJAF transport force based at Amman.
The remaining F-5As and F-5Bs of the RJAF are now used by No 6 Squadron of King Hussein Air College at Mafraq.
In service since 1985, Bell Modernised AH-1G HueyCobra anti-armour helicopters are operated by Nos 10 and 12 Squadrons of the Royal Jordanian Air Force.
Bell Cobras to the Modernised AH-1S standard equip In o squadrons of the RJAF, Nos 10 and 12, at Amman.
Model 500D использовался иорданскими ВВС в качестве учебно-тренировочного вертолета.
The training role of the Hughes 500Ds of No 5 Squadron at the King Hussein Air College is indicated by their high-visibility red-and-white finish.
One of the seldom-illustrated AS 332 Super Pumas at King Abdullah AB, flown by No 7 Squadron.
Based at the King Abdullah Air Base in Amman, CASA C212A Aviocar utility transports supplement the Hercules of No 3 Squadron and are used to support desert outposts.
The pilot training syllabus includes 110 hrs on the Cessna T-37Bs of No 11 Squadron. Earlier aircraft were in natural metal finish, those that came later bearing the USAF training white overall.
Flying north of Amman, a No 7 Squadron Sikorsky S-76A displays the standard three-tone camouflage for the RJAF transport and attack helicopters.
Of 18 Sikorsky S-76As supplied to Jordan between 1980 and 1982, two fly in the markings of the Red Crescent, although they are operated, like the others by No 7 Squadron.
Northrop F-5Es of No 9 Squadron, also near Ajlun.
A silver-finished Northrop F-5E Tiger II of No V Squadron at Prince Hassan AB (H-5). Some of the RJAF F-5Es are camouflaged and others are grey overall.
Some 20 Scottish Aviation Bulldogs give the RJAF the largest fleet of this primary trainer outside of the UK. They are used by No 2 Squadron at Mafraq.