Air Pictorial 1991-10
UK Register Review
Registered to aerobatic pilot Richard Goode, G-BTSK is one of several former Dutch RijksLuchvaartSchool Beech F33Cs to come on the UK register
Short Skyvan G-BKME was rolled out as N4280Y at Southend on 2/8/1991 and left on delivery to the USA via Glasgow on 8/8. It is expected to be used in Venezuela.
Former Royal Navy DH.114 Heron 2 G-ORSJ, ex XR445/G-ARKW, in open store at Booker
The recently completed 65hp Arrow engined Evans VP-2 G-BRLJ awaiting its first flight at North Weald at the end of August 1991.
Gill Aviation has re-registered their SD3-60 G-BPCO as G-OLAH. It was rolled out as such at Newcastle on 16/8/1991
Eaglescott based Hatz CB-1 G-HATZ is one of two examples of the type in the UK