Air Pictorial 1992-02
P.Cooper - RAF 'Fat Alberts' reach silver
Banking away from the cameraship is Hercules C.1P XV292 of the Lyneham Transport Wing (LTW), resplendent in 25th anniversary markings and seen over the frozen Wiltshire countryside during a commemorative flight in mid December 1991.
Hercules CLP XV292 with 25th anniversary markings photographed over Wiltshire during the commemorative flight.
Hercules W.2 XV208 of the Meteorological Research Flight based at Farnborough.
New tail markings showing the inscription "25 years in RAF Service".
Six RAF Squadrons and one OCU have operated the C-130K variant of the Hercules. The badges seen on the forward fuselage of C.1P XV292 at Cambridge are, from left to right Nos 24, 30, 36, 47, 48 and 70 Squadrons and 242 OCU.