Air Pictorial 1999-05
N.Beckett - '...the Best Fighter Cockpit in the World'
While Alenia in Italy manufactures the left wing and outboard flaperons for the programme, it also operates DA7 which is assigned the weapons integration and performance aspects of the test programme.
Eurofighter’s production standard cockpit. The design retains the traditional centrally-mounted control column and on the facia are three multi-function screens displaying tactical, radar, navigation and systems information. Below the eye-level head-up display, projects the multiple information distribution system (MIDS) display unit and to its left is a panel of manual data buttons. Concealed below the left-hand sill are the engine throttle levers.
The defensive aids subsystem, which includes the towed decoy deployed from the right-hand wing tip pod.
All two-seat handling and systems clearance is being flown using the CASA-operated DA6 development aircraft.