Air Pictorial 1999-05
R.Simpson - Ayres expands in Georgia
Comparison illustrations of the Loadmaster (top), Shorts 330 (centre), and Cessna Caravan, showing just how large the Ayres design will be.
Ayres Turbo Thrush 660 prototype, N29A, showing the new single-leg undercarriage of this larger model.
The two-seat cockpit fitted to many production Turbo Thrushes is well illustrated in this view of VH-NFL - an Australian S2R-G10DC fitted with a Garrett TPE331 engine.
The skeletal fuselage of the latest Turbo Thrush 660, showing the hopper on front of the cockpit.
Despite its small size, the AlliedSignal CTP800 engine has sufficient power for the Ayres Loadmaster, although it appears diminutive when seen in front of the forward section mock-up.
FedEx virtually wrote the specification for the Loadmaster, and required that it should take four LD3 containers.