Air Pictorial 1999-10
D.Parry - Kamikazi: Aviation relics at Yasakuni Jinja
The lack of an original example resulted in the Museum displaying this replica of an Ohka suicide aircraft.
Considering the very battered remains recovered from Yap Island, the 75-day restoration of the Yokosuka D4Y1 at Yasakuni is a remarkable feat.
Generally underrated, the D4Y3 Judy 33 was a smart performer, able to carry an 1,102 lb bomb load in its internal fuselage bay over a maximum radius of 700 nm. At 310 kt, Judy was the fastest carrier-based dive-bomber of the war. This example, captured at Clark Field in the Phillipines, was test-flown in June 1945 and was one of 2,038 D4Ys built.
Amid the remains found on Guam by US troops in November 1944 was this shot-up Judy of the 503rd Naval Air Group.