Air Pictorial 1999-12
R.Simpson - Business brisk at Atlanta
British Aerospace is taking a serious look at selling the series, together with refurbished BAe 146s, to the executive market. This rare privately-owned 146-100, N114M, had a full executive interior.
The Cessna 525A Citation QJ2 is now longer and was represented at the show by the prototype, N2CJ, which was converted from the original Citationjet prototype.
The Century Jet CA100 is another entry-level business jet resembling the market-leading Citationjet 525.
Raytheon’s Premier I made its first public appearance in the form of the third prototype, N390TC. The Premier I has a composite fuselage and metal wings, and over 200 are on order.
The Fanstar FJ-100 is a proposed new version of Ted Smith’s pressurised Aerostar 610P with a pair of turbofans on the rear fuselage replacing the original wing-mounted piston engines.
Piper is moving forward with the Malibu Meridian, and one of the four prototypes, N402MM, made the type’s debut at Atlanta, and is seen at Peachtree de Kalb Airport.
Aiming to be the cheapest of the personal jets on the market is the all-composite Safire S-26 powered by two rear-mounted Williams FJX-2 turbofans.
Unexpected was the appearance of the Australian Explorer 350R prototype which is on a publicity tour of the USA.
Lake Aerospace is joining with Archedyne to develop the futuristic Nauticair 450 executive jet amphibian.
A prototype of the FF-1080-200 freighter is under construction by American Utilicraft Corporation of Lawrenceville, Georgia, and the first flight is planned for December 2000.